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Hello friends and food lovers,

I’m a lady named Lola who loves me some grub and my mission as Tastemade’s Nashville Project Manager is to find a group of cool tastemakers who love food and dining as much as I do and want to get PAID to eat at their favorite restaurants.  Tough gig, right?

Tastemade is a global community network, owned in part by Scripps Howard, the same company that owns the Food Network. Yep, that Food Network! Tastemade offers hundreds of cooking and food channels for people to upload their own content. Right now, I’m looking for serious food lovers to help me launch Tastemade’s mobile app. We have been visiting and conquering cities across America and Nashville is up next! We are looking for in-the-know-people, like you, to help us get the word out. This phone app will allow anyone to create videos and RAVE (not review) about their favorite meals at their favorite restaurants. We’re a purely positive platform that only covers the best of the best. We are are just about to kickoff a city-wide ‘Best Of’ takeover of the top bars and restaurants here in Nashville called The Amazing Taste!

Oh and did I mention that we will pay our initial tastemakers $250 to do it?! See? That’s what you get for being on the ground floor with the think tankers and putting us on the map!

What is it exactly?

  • Tastemade allows iPhone and Samsung Galaxy 4 and higher users to create 1-minute video content on their favorite restaurants in the city. Using this very intuitive tool, “tastemakers” shoot scenes directly on their phones and share insider tips.  It’s kind of like being the star of your very own 1-minute food channel!

·      The Tastemade app even edits and assembles the one-minute video for you. You just go to a favorite, yummy place and record 3 clips of you speaking for 10 seconds (intro, middle, wrap up). Then, you’ll shoot 5 ambience clips and 5 meal shot clips, lasting 3 seconds each. Next, you choose from our music overlays, a title font and then; you upload the finished video. Easy peasy! (You can also change the filters to make your fine self look finer or delete and re-record clips before posting the finished video.) People who are looking for restaurant recommendations in any city can watch these videos to see what each place is like and what dishes are the most popular. Movie making! Social media! Food porn! Together at last!

 What you get:

  • If you are chosen as one of the 40 tastemakers for Nashville, you will receive a gift card valued at $250 to create 5 one-minute “appisodes.” ( Download the app and visit Tastemade.com to view examples.) If you love food and dine out frequently, it can supplement your budget.
  • A powerful platform to position your brand as a food blogger or social media king or queen!


  • You must download the app and create an initial appisode to be invited to the project. We just need to see an audition appisode to ensure your enthusiasm and make sure that you can create a fun and informative video visit. So, download the app, go to a favorite local restaurant by yourself or with friends (It needn’t be expensive! Tacos, breakfast, sandwiches, coffee, etc.) and record that audition appisode. Then email me the Tastemade video URL link of your visit.

If chosen to be one of the 40 Nashville tastemakers, you will get to choose five Nashville restaurants or bars with great food that you love from our hotlist of 300 places. (I will keep you apprised of which places are still available and which have been chosen by other appisode creators.)

You’ll need to attend the happy hour launch on November 20th at (TBD), from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to meet other tastemakers and get tips and tricks from the vets. It won’t be arduous, we promise! You’ll get to enjoy some yummy cocktails and appetizers for free and you’ll receive your $250 gift card so that you can start visiting five places and recording your five appisodes. (Commence symbolic arm –twisting!)

Please note that these five appisodes will need to be recorded and uploaded within 2 weeks of our happy hour launch. (You won’t need to worry about food shopping for a while, huh?!)

You may not duplicate restaurants that are already covered in the app or by other Nashville tastemakers. (Google “Tastemade” and the name of the restaurant to check.) I will also be sending tastemakers an updated list of the top 300 restaurants in Nashville that we are focusing on and we will whittle down this list as you choose and visit your favorites. (We also welcome bars with tasty food, coffee shops and grocery stores. We just want to make sure we are highlighting the BEST of Nashville.)



·      After everyone has submitted their videos in the two week timeframe, the very best Tastemade videos will be chosen and those tastemaskers will be awarded with another $250 gift card to make 5 more appisodes at five more restaurants! How many free meals is that?! Yes, you’ll need BOTH hands of fingers now. Math! Money! Food! Fame!

So, are you in? Do you already document and photograph your meals? Ever taken a selfie? Do you have the modicum of chutzpah it takes to film yourself in public? Are you a tech-savvy and fun food lover that will give the Nashville launch some dedication AND/OR street cred?


Yes, Lola! I’m emailing you back right now with a big, fat YES!


Or maybe… hey, it’s not your thing, but you know someone who’d be perfect?

  • I’d be happy to take your recommendations. Keep in mind that we are looking for personalities who love their neighborhoods, embrace technology and have no problem describing a hairy little sea urchin or Korean taco sauce in 10 seconds flat.


I know you may be naturally wary of something that is too good to be true. I always am too. But there’s no catch here. You make a good audition appisode and agree to the simple requirements, and you get $250 to make 5 more appisodes for us. You love food and have your finger on the pulse of Nashville. We are just asking you to help get the word out about this new social media platform. YOU LUCKY DUCKS!


Go ahead and download the Tastemade app and play around with it.  See the other appisodes people are making around the country to get an idea of what we are looking for.

If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to coach you along on creating appisodes and be your food-loving wingman!


Hope to see you eating! Happy feasting and recording!

Susan “Lola” Conway

Nashville Project Manager for Tastemade





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