Come Tell Your Food Story–or Just Listen

You guys love food, and love storytelling, and I want to include some of you in an evening of food storytelling.

I’m teaming up with Porch TN Writers Collective for a Moth-style gathering where 6 to 8 people will tell a story. We’re calling it “An Evening of Storytelling Inspired by Food.” It’s set for Oct. 5 at Stone Fox, 5-7 p.m.

I have heard some of your food stories–this is your chance to tell your story live to an audience that will appreciate it.

This event is not open-mike. Instead, we’re asking for submissions in advance. Here are the guidelines and how-to:

Guidelines for Submitting/Telling Your Food Story

Stories should be 3 to 10 minutes.

Please tell your story, rather than read it.

Be sure your story has a beginning, middle and end.

A great story teaches a lesson, reaches a conclusion, or describes a situation with serious consequences. Ask yourself what you learned from the incident, or how it changed you, or what the consequences were. If you can’t answer that, then your story is actually an anecdote or an essay.

That goes double for “grandmother” stories. Grandmothers are great, and everyone has a grandmother story. We’ve established a limit of one “grandmother” story for the event, so only bring a great one.

Submit your story by any of these methods:

Write it up (Word, Google Drive or comparable format) and send it to

Make a video of yourself telling the story and upload to Youtube, then send a link to

Tell your story on soundcloud (or other .mp3 site) and send a link to

Thanks, food bloggers! I hope to see you there, on the stage or in the audience.


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