Welcome to the New NashvilleFoodBloggers.com!

Hello there and welcome to our brand new website! We’d been hobbling along on the old one, making due with sub-par functionality, and we figured it was time for a change.

First things first, if you were registered on the old website you will need to register again. You may do so using the handy register link up in the upper right corner. We do have a few basic requirements this time around, and will be approving applications based on this criteria. Please fill out all the fields, if you can, though you will be able to edit your profile information again later after your membership has been approved.

A few of the new/improved features you should make note of:

Events – We’re super excited about our new event calendar. We hope that it becomes the single best resource for food-related events in the area. Once your account has been approved, you may add events to the calendar (Under My Account > New Event). Simply fill out the necessary fields and update. A moderator will have to approve your event before it is published to the calendar.

Member Directory – Our member directory is better than ever, offering a stylish and easy-to-search listing of all our members. Be sure you fill out all your profile fields to make the most of this feature! Eventually we’d like to highlight “Featured Members” which will also pull from this information.

Private Forum – Unlike before, when the forum was visible for every Joe Shmoe who stumbled across the site, the new forums feature private boards for approved members only. There is also a public board, which can be used for things you want the public to see, as well as a PR/Media board, which approved PR folks and brands will have access to. If you have ideas for additional board categories feel free to let us know!

News – Our news/blog feed is the same as it was, but now it is very easy for approved members to add news posts (under My Account > New Post). Like events, news posts will need to be approved by a moderator before they are published. You are welcome to post anything here you feel would be of value to our members, including local events, opportunities, and items of interest. We also have a special “Members Only” news category for which full posts will only be visible to approved members.

We’ve got plans for additional features down the road, including:

Resources – We hope to add a section for helpful links to external resources to help you become a better blogger.

Best Of – Because I’m sure I’m not the only one that regularly gets asked where to eat in Nashville, we thought we’d put together our own “Best of Nashville” list of our favorite restaurants and foodie destinations around the city, as voted on by our members.

Member Spotlight – We hope to be able to eventually highlight a featured member here and there, sending a little traffic and love right back at you.

More Events! – We’ve got some great ideas for future NFB events, including more educational and charitable events in addition to our usual potlucks and happy hours. Once you register you’ll be automatically signed up for our mailing list, so you’ll be notified of official events as we plan them. And please, this is YOUR group too. If you have an idea for an event or want to take the lead and organize one, by all means go for it!

Don’t forget to re-register, complete your profile information, and pick up a badge for your site while you’re at it!

We hope you like the new digs! And please, get in touch should you discover any issues (because there are bound to be some) or have any questions or suggestions.

3 Responses to “Welcome to the New NashvilleFoodBloggers.com!”

  1. Lesley — January 31, 2013 @ 9:48 am

    It looks fantastic!

  2. Erin WIlburn — January 31, 2013 @ 11:57 am

    You did a fantastic job Lindsay! Thanks for spearheading this!

  3. Lisa Mays — February 1, 2013 @ 7:12 pm

    Fantastic new website! Way to go! So honored of being apart of the Nashville Food Bloggers and look forward in participating and sharing the unique culinary gems that Nashville has to offer!

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