Food Revolution Day 2013

Hey everyone! Received a note from Hunter Claire Rogers, who is working with Alice Randall on this year’s Food Revolution day, set for May 17, 2013 (some of you may have spoken to her at the Sweet Relief bake sale last weekend). If you are interested in participating please leave a comment if you’d like to get involved. I’ll forward your contact info to Hunter and she’ll send you more details!

From Hunter:

I am currently working for the Author and New York Times best seller Alice Randall who has been appointed Jamie Oliver’s Food Ambassador for Nashville. Food Revolution Day this coming May is one of her primary responsibilities. I will be serving as her Deputy Chief of Mission for the duration of this program. The purpose of this e-mail is to announce the date of Food Revolution Day May 17th, 2013. We are having a planning day in January and we want to include our local food bloggers! Jamie Oliver is all about homemade, real food for real people. We are primarily focused on farm to table real food and outreach to minority communities but we are interested in everyone reaching out and taking part in Food Revolution Day 2013! There are two foods that we are focusing on: peanuts and sweet potatoes. We also want to raise the idea of a joint project between Nashville food bloggers and the Go Red for Women program affiliated with the American Heart Association, possibly a bake sale or food sale featuring healthy real foods, what ever brilliant ones you all can dream of in advance of Food Revolution Day 2013. [Any interested bloggers] will receive an invitation to Alice Randall’s house in January. Involvement in the program will not be a lot of work on your part and we’d love to make you all a primary part of Food Revolution Day 2013.

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  1. Angela Roberts — November 21, 2012 @ 2:27 pm

    I am interested. Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite ingredients and we eat a lot of them fixed a lot of ways. thanks

  2. Lannae — November 24, 2012 @ 4:22 pm

    I would be interested in attending in January to find out more about this, and I am one that might fit into this really interesting effort. I am a locavore, and have been practicing farm to table, eating locally within 100 miles for 6 years, and before that naturally doing it when I lived in MA and PA. I am not sure if peanuts are completely appropriate for Nashville, as it is so difficult to find locally grown peanuts. If you know of any reliable local organic sources of peanuts, let me know!

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